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gilvan_blight in 519gamers

Free Miniature Painting Event This Saturday - October 16th

The Windsor Gaming Resource has teamed up with Hugin and Munin, Dark Elf Productions and Eastern Front Studios to bring you an afternoon of miniature painting on October 16th.

This will be a social event in which Windsor area painters and prospective painters can gather together to hang out, paint and share tips and tricks. No prior miniature painting experience is necessary and there will be seasoned painters on hand more then willing to show you the ropes.

Mick Leach of Eastern Front Studios has generously agreed to donate miniatures for this event in celebration of the re-launch of Eastern Front Studios!

In addition to Eastern Front Studios miniatures, we will have brushes and paints available for everyone to use, but if you wish to bring your own paints and/or minis you are welcome to do so.

This is mainly meant to be a social event but a little competition never hurt anyone. Mick has asked to judge a painting contest and will be awarding a special prize to the best painted Eastern Front Miniature of the day. In addition we will be having some other less serious contests and prizes.

Dark Elf Productions will be on site taking photos and video of this event to help Eastern Front publicize their re-launch.

This event will be 100% free to participate in, but we do have a limited number of Eastern Front Miniatures to give out. Therefore we will be taking sign ups for this event. The first 16 people to sign up will receive a free miniature. People above and beyond this number are still more then willing to come out and see what painting is all about, bring their own mini to paint or just come to chat and meet other gamers.

The event is being hosted at Hugin and Munin, 1664 Tecumseh Rd. E., Windsor Ontario. on October 16th and will run from noon until 5:00PM

Please reply here or stop in and see Ian at Hugin and Munin to sign up.

Note this event is running concurrently with our RPG Book Swap, where gamers will have a chance to trade in their old books and modules for stuff they can use!

The WGR on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=78735722971

The WGR is also on Twitter: http://twitter.com/windsorgaming/