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captaineddie in 519gamers

May 4th 2008 @ The Dragon - Shadowmoor Release Draft

May 4th 2008 @ The Dragon - Shadowmoor Release Draft

Triple Shadowmoor Draft
When: Sunday, Mat 4th 2008
Where: @ The Dragon
City/Town: Guelph, Ontario
Street: 3 Wyndham Street North

In celebration of the upcoming new set for Magic, we’ll hosting a triple Shadowmoor draft on May 4th for the city for Guelph

- It is being held at The Dragon, 3 Wyndham Street North, located in the downtown region of Guelph
- Draft pods of either 6 or more players (ex. if 12 people show, we'll have two 6-players pod)
- A swiss format style guarantees 4 rounds of best-of-3 series with other players.
- Top players receive extra booster packs as prizes (Sorting will go with the usual Top 4 or 6 split, ex. 8 players = 4,2,1,1)

- Cost: $15
- Time: 11:30am registration, Draft starts at noon

- Any questions, contact us at guelphmagic@uoguelph.ca

- Sign ups are located at the front doors of The Dragon, so sign up now as spaces are limited.

A draft is a limited form of playing Magic, players sit around in a circle with 3 booster pack and each of them opens up one of them (15 cards, excluding the tips/tricks and basic land).
- Players pick a card from the pack
- They then pass the rest of the pack to the right
- Players receive a pack of cards (now 15-1= 14 cards remaining) from the person sitting on their left
- This process repeats until each player has chosen 15 cards. Repeat this for packs 2 and 3, switching up the passing to the left and to the right again for the two packs.
- In the end, players should have 45 cards to build a 40-card deck (including basic lands, so about 20-25 cards from the 45 cards are used)