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This community is formed for gamers who live in any area of Ontario with a 519 area code. The purpose of this community is to make it easier to find local Gaming Events and Tournaments.

The communities intent is to help Gamers of all ages develop strategy, gain information, find local tournaments and keep up-to-date on the latest releases.

Welcome all gamers of Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Cambridge, Chatham, London, Sarnia, Windsor, Orangeville, Owen Sound, Hanover.... all 519 areas! Please feel free to join!

Members are encouraged to post upcoming tournaments, etc. that are going on the area, discuss gaming stratigies and preferences, or challenge the community members to a casual game.

This is a community used for making friends and finding new people to Game with, which means only friendly posts and replies to posts are accepted.

Any posts or replies that appear malicious or spiteful toward another community member will be deleted immediately.

Any pornographic or overly crude material posted will be deleted.If you want to share a joke or story that you think may be offensive to SOME but not all, use an LJ cut.

If you want to make a long post, use an LJ cut.

Do not spam this community.

Do not post quizzes in this community.

Surveys are ONLY allowed if they have a direct relevance to this community.

Meet lots of gamers and have fun!


Notice for Retailers and Venues:
The idea behind this community is to promote Table Top and collectible Gaming in the 519 area by letting local gamers know where the Tournaments are being held. What we DO NOT want this forum to become is a vehicle for retailers to undercut each other. We ask that prices are not posted, the only exception being entry fees for tournaments. Announcing Sales is acceptable but please do not post things like "Up to 50% off" etc. Just give your sale a name i.e. "The Back to School Sale at -Blank on -Date--" and link to your website or add "For More info call -insert phone number-" We want to keep this friendly and co-operative between our respective businesses. Keep in mind that most of the people posting in the forum will be the Gamers themselves who are looking for more people to play with. Posts that do not comply with these few requests will be removed at the moderator’s discretion. Multiple offences could result in your removal from the community.