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The Great Canadian Board Game Blitz Windsor Championship - May 12th

This May, the Great Canadian Board Game Blitz will be returning to Windsor Ontario for the third consecutive year. May 12th, gamers will gather at Hugin & Munin to participate in the local arm of this tournament. Prizes will include gift certificates for the store and a grand prize consisting of a pass to play in the finals held this summer in Toronto at Fan Expo.

The Great Canadian Board Game Blitz is a circuit of board game tournaments held at game conventions and retailers across Canada. Participants play several rounds of games over the span of about eight hours, collecting points based on their finishing rank in each game. The overall winner will be the player with the highest total points at the end of the day. As a player, you get to play five different games and meet many other gamers. Organizers are willing to teach all of the games, no prior experience with the games is needed. This means the Blitz is also a great way to try out new games.

The Windsor event will consist of five rounds of games with a one hour break for lunch/dinner. The event is being hosted at Hugin & Munin (1664 Tecumseh Rd. East), starts at 10:00am and is expected to be fully wrapped up by 7:00pm. There is a nomial entry fee of $5, all of which goes towards prizes for First, Second and Third placed participants.

You can find out more about The Great Canadian Board Game Blitz on their website at: http://www.gcbgb.ca/

The official rules can be found here:

There is a facebook event set up for those who use that site: https://www.facebook.com/events/186487301468711/