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Heroclix in Cambridge

Hello everyone. We are currently looking to run a heroclix league at Retro Rocket in Cambridge. If there is anyone interested, please feel free to message me at freebs66@hotmail.com with any questions.

For this season, we will be straying away from the comic-accurate teams, and instead will treat it more like a fantasy sports league; drafting individual pieces that you will use for the season to help expand your team. Only pieces with cards will be available (NO BATMAN ALPHA pieces)
The draft will take place in 7 rounds, with each player choosing 1 piece at a time, in a snake-style draft (meaning that 1st pick in the first round will have last pick in the second round, and last pick in the first round will also have first pick in the second round)
Each player will have 500 draft points, and a 7-slot roster. The first half of the season will be 350 point games, with the second half of the season being 450 point games.
At no point can you play a piece that is more than 50% of the build total (175 and under for the first half of the season, 225 and under for the second half of the season)
Once a piece is taken, no one else can use that piece. However, if someone drafts common Batman from Justice League, the Super Rare Batman from Justice League, as well as any other piece named Batman is still up for grabs.
There will be a couple restrictions on pieces that can be drafted;
- No chase, buy it by the brick or prize piece. This means that any piece that is numbered 1-60 is draftable (1-55 for Brave and the Bold), while any higher numbered piece will be unavailable
- The players involved will be creating a list of undraftable pieces (probably 1 or 2 pieces chosen per player, depending on the number of players we have). Let’s be honest, no one wants to go up against a piece like Nightcrawler, Kid Flash or Skrull Ms. Marvel
After every week of games, players may draft additional pieces for their team, with priority going to the lowest place team.
Teams will earn 5 draft points for a win, and 10 for a loss. This will hopefully help out lower place teams to turn things around in the later part of the season.
Characters will gain STATS like previous seasons, but instead of getting character-specific upgrades, you will be getting upgrades for your team in the form of an additional 50 draft points, 1 more roster spot, or an alternate team ability for one of your pieces. All STATS will be added together for your team, and thus the upgrades will be harder to get; 20 SA, AST or DFD (instead of 10), or 10 KO (instead of 5). What this means is that you can add Batman’s 13 SA with Superman’s 7 SA to upgrade your team. Because of these high numbers, when you upgrade, the STAT doesn’t reset to 0, it just subtracts 20 (or 10 in the case of KO).
Injuries will work similar to last season. If a character is critically hit, or critically misses, they become injured. This season, when a character is injured, they have -1 to all 5 combat stats (speed, attack, defence, damage and range) for 2 games. You may choose to sit the character for these 2 games, after which they are back to normal, or you may choose to play them with the injury. If they are critically hit or they critically miss while injured, they suffer a season ending injury. This is the ONLY time that you may drop someone from your roster to free up a spot and points, and even at that, you may only do it once.
Other points of interest;
- While drafting, you may draft generics. Once a generic is drafted, no one else may draft that particular generic.
- For the purposes of team roster spots, 2 generics equals 1 normal draft pick.
- For the purposes of the league, any character card with “various” as their name is considered generic.
- You may draft additional copies of your generic. All previous rules apply
- There will be no theme team bonuses. Maps will be pre-determined, and there will be no theme team re-rolls.
- No BFCs or feats will be used this season.