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Invite to area boardgamers - Games and Grub 17 - Nov 13th

This is an open invite to all Windsor and surrounding area gamers.

The Windsor Gaming Resource will be hosting an afternoon of gaming on Saturday November 13th at the Walker Road Knights of Columbus, in Windsor Ontario, from Noon until 6:00PM. This will be our 17th Games and Grub event.

At previous events we played some great games including Advanced Civilization, Agricola, Alhambra, Attika, Bang!, Bohnanza, Chez Dork, Dust, El Grande, Formula D, Hex Hex DX, Igor, Hacienda, Modern Art, Munchkin, Power Grid, Pandemic, Puerto Rico, Settlers of Catan, Shadows Over Camelot, Smallworld, Starcraft, Ticket to Ride and more.

We will have access to 2-3 large tables that should fit up to three reasonably sized boardgames each, or one massive one like The World of Warcraft Boardgame. The Knights of Columbus will be open to the public at the time, but this has never been a problem in the past and we have held multiple events at this venue. The worst that happens is regulars come over and ask what the heck are we playing and then ask if it's anything like Risk or Monopoly.

The KofC has a good sized offering of home cooked comfort food style items. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic Beverages will also be available. As the Council is not charging us to host this event I encourage everyone to support the venue by purchasing some food and/or drink while at the event. The KofC is is located at 1711 Walker Road between Tecumseh and Seminole. We will be in the restaurant portion, not the hall.

At these events we usually play boardgames, but we have also had people there playing miniature games and various card games. There are usually plenty of games to choose from, I know I always bring 8 or so different games and other players bring their favourites. Feel free to bring yours! If you have any specific requests or want to know if people are interested in playing your game, reply here.

A disclaimer: The WGR has no ties or affiliation with the Knights of Columbus or what they represent, it's just a good venue to play some games at that also happens to be free.

The WGR on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=78735722971

The WGR is also on Twitter: http://twitter.com/windsorgaming/