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G&G At the University - Local Gaming

G&G at the University!

We will be having our first Sunday Event!
G&G stands for Games and Grub. G&G are gaming events where Windsor area gamers get together for an afternoon of gaming. At these events we usually play boardgames, but we have also had people there playing Star Wars Minis and various CCGs. At previous events we have played games like: Alhambra, Bang!, Munchkin, Power Grid, Pandemic, Puerto Rico, Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride and more.

When: Sunday June 13th - 1pm
Where: University - CAW Centre

Note that in terms of food, the cafeteria is closed for the summer but there are many food places nearby (Subway, Ali Baba's, Eros, 7-11, Pita Grill, Giglios, etc) all within two blocks.

We will be in the CAW Student Center. The Parking lot is on the North side of the University and is accessible from University Ave. As the event is on Sunday parking is free.