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Upcoming Events!

Hey everyone,
Hope the summer is treating you well... Here are some upcoming (air-conditioned) events we hope you'll participate in!

Magic the Gathering Tournament: July 8th, noon, Time Spiral Block Constructed, $5 entry fee.

Warhammer 40K Tournament: July 21st, 10:30-7:30, 1700 points, fully-painted armies only, $20 ($15 for club members).

Warhammer Fantasy Tournament: July 28th, 10:30-7:30, 2000 points, $20 ($15 for club members).

Hero Clix: August 8th, Check www.wizkidsgames.com/userdetail.asp?userid=10242 for more details.

Warhammer 40K Tournament: August 18th, 10:30-7:30, 1700 points, $20 ($15 for club members).